For years, we have been told to “Take our vitamins” and “eat our veggies” but still today, parents struggle with kids getting enough healthy foods, and we as adults often don’t take the time to eat as healthily as we should. What we all need and want today is something easy and fast… a shortcut to health if you will. Well, is throwing a few tiny seeds on your regular food easy enough?

Then you have to give Heirloom Chia Seeds a try…

People all over the world are discovering the health benefits that can come from a couple tablespoons of Chia seeds a day. Health benefits that include weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, bowel regularity and more.

The fact is, in just one tiny ounce of the seeds, you can get a whopping 4 grams of protein
which is almost 10% of your recommended daily allowance. In addition to that, you also get an incredible 11 grams of fiber, which is nearly half of your recommended daily allowance…all from just one ounce of Chia! Fiber supports weight loss by helping to make you feel more full and acts to regulate bowel movements, and protein is a key ingredient in helping to build and maintain muscle mass. Can anyone say BEACH BOD BY CHIA SEEDS? The little powerhouses don’t stop there though…next they take on fish as a source of cholesterol lowering Omega-3’s…

For some time, medical research has been telling us about the benefits of Omega-3’s which are essential fatty acids mainly found in fish. These “good fats” are extremely successful at lowering cholesterol, but fish is not the only place you can get them. Among other food sources, Chia Seeds contain a ton of these healthful oils… more than 9 times more than even wild Alaskan salmon.

So, grab a handful of Chia Seeds and do something good for your body! There are tons of recipes you can use them in as well. Chia seeds are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to help add to the nutritional value of your diet.