Let’s face it, most of our health problems are self-inflicted because we eat the wrong foods. So, it’s time for us to stop eating the stuff that is killing us.

According to new research from the Harvard School of Public Health, 1-in-6 deaths every year in the USA are due to high blood pressure. That’s over 395,000 people per year and the number keeps going up.

According to the study, “…the deaths calculated in the study were considered premature or preventable in that the victims would not have died when they did if they had not been subject to the behaviors or activities linked to their deaths.” That means they’re eating the wrong foods.

What’s even more shocking is that high blood pressure was the leading cause of death in adult women, killing nearly 230,000 American women each year, (nearly 20% of all female deaths). By comparison, that is five times more than the number of women that die from breast cancer every year.

Hopefully I’ve made my point that we need to lower our blood pressure and we need to eat better quality foods. If only we could eat foods that lower blood pressure if such a thing even existed.

Actually, that’s exactly what can happen and I’ve found the best solution to both problems. Yes it’s possible to eat foods that lower blood pressure.

Here are a couple foods that have been reported to lower blood pressure slightly:

Olive Oil has been shown to be good for the heart and is a great part in a healthy diet. But, if it does anything to lower blood pressure, it’s very slight…maybe 1-2 points maximum.

Garlic has been found to be good for our bodies in a lot of small ways. It’s a good antioxidant and has even been shown to lower blood pressure by a couple of points, but it’s not super effective and it doesn’t mix well with every food. Garlic cookies or a garlic smoothie anyone?

But…if you want to bring out the big guns there’s only one real choice. Heirloom Chia seeds are the absolute best of the foods that lower blood pressure. In experiment after experiment, Heirloom Chia seeds have been shown to lower blood pressure by 10-15 points.

The beauty of this type of Chia is that it’s the variety with the maximum amount of nutrients that help people lower their blood pressure (and some other really cool things).

By the way…it doesn’t have any flavor so it can go into any food and you won’t even notice it’s there, and it doesn’t need to be ground or anything. Just sprinkle it in.

Millions of people around the world could be helped by eating foods that lower blood pressure, and it couldn’t be easier for them to take Chia and use it. No nasty taste, no side-effects, no preparation. Does this sound too good to be true or what?

What’s the catch you’re asking? I’ve been asking that question myself for years, and I can’t find one. It really is as good as it sounds.

You have high blood pressure and your diet isn’t as good as it could be? Then eat Heirloom Chia it’s the best of the foods that lower blood pressure, and you can find it here.

Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your time messing with any of the other foods that only make a slight improvement lowering your blood pressure. Neither you nor your family deserve to have you suffer from high blood pressure problems.

Yes you really can eat natural foods that lower blood pressure, but you have to take the first step. It can’t be any easier. Choose any food or drink and sprinkle Heirloom Chia inside, and you’ve just turned your lunch into blood pressure lowering bonanza.