Question: What is a ChiaClub Membership?

Answer: ChiaClub is here to help you if you are committed to improving your health every day. If you take pills for blood pressure and/or diabetes and you hate the side-effects, Heirloom Chia can help you. By taking 1-2 tablespoons of Heirloom Chia every day, many people have been able to cut back on their pills (please check with your doctor). Many people say “I’d rather eat a natural food than take pills.” That’s why we provide a monthly shipment of Heirloom Chia to our members.


Question: How big are Heirloom Chia seeds?

Answer: They’re really small…roughly the size of poppy seeds.


Question: What do Heirloom Chia seeds taste like?

Answer: Most people say there is no flavor or aftertaste. They’re like nature’s very own Navy SEALs…you know they’re there doing good, but you’ll never be able to spot them.


Question: How much Heirloom Chia do I need to take and when is the best time to take it?

Answer: The recommended amount is 1-2 tablespoons per day. The best time to take it is early in your day. That way you get the full benefit during your waking hours.


Question: Do I have to grind my Chia Seeds to put them into my food?

Answer: No, that’s the beauty of Heirloom Chia. Just scoop them from the bag and add them to whatever else you’re eating. If you want to grind them so you can’t see them, knock yourself out.


Question: Will my body get more benefit from my Heirloom Chia seeds if I grind them?

Answer: No, the research shows that your body will not notice any difference. You will get the full benefits whether they’re whole or ground.


Question: What is the difference between a ChiaClub Membership and a ChiaClub Community Membership?

Answer: A ChiaClub Membership provides members with a monthly shipment of Heirloom Chia Seeds to ensure they never run out of their favorite little health food. In addition, a FREE lifetime ChiaClub Community Membership is included.

A Community Membership enables members to read the content and post their comments on the blog and forums. Currently, this membership is free.