(Unless you want to live longer, that is…)

Ok, so when you are thinking about living well, I doubt that you conjure up images of primitive cultures. I mean, after all, they didn’t have TV, cell phones, or the internet…who in the heck would want to live back then?

Also, their lifespan was not nearly as long as ours is today… so why would ANYONE want to do anything like they did? Well, if you want to live a longer, healthier life, you may just want to look at some cultures who included Heirloom Chia seeds as part of their diet…

First of all, sure, we live longer today than our ancient relatives, but that is due mostly to modern medicine, NOT because of the diet we eat. The fact is, the diets of primitive man were often far superior to today’s drive-thru version. Cavemen had no other choice other than to eat natural foods and they missed out on all the chemicals and additives that are used today.

One of those foods that ancient people consumed from the primitive cultures of Mexico long ago is Heirloom Chia seeds.

Heirloom Chia is actually a flowering plant from the mint family but it is not the blooms that makes Heirloom Chia such an incredible addition to your diet, it’s the seeds. Chia seeds are becoming known as a SUPERFOOD for all the nutritional benefits they contain. They are dense in protein, fiber AND Omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, just 1 ounce of Heirloom Chia seeds contains half of the recommended amount of daily fiber for an adult and a full 6 grams of protein.

Don’t worry though, if eating a handful of tiny seeds doesn’t seem to be to your thing, Heirloom Chia seeds can be used in a lot of different ways. You can use them in juices or smoothies, you can put them in your salad, you could even grind them up and use them in your homemade cookies…and no one will ever know they’re there (they’re flavorless).

So, with all the benefits of Omega-3′s and the weight loss and muscle maintenance benefits of fiber and protein, your key to a long and lean life may not lie in the next “super pill” invented by the drug companies, but instead by a tiny seed that was given to us by someone who lived in a cave.
So, go ahead… BE a caveman and throw some Heirloom Chia seeds into your daily diet!