We all know that whenever something sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

A few people have asked questions about Chia Seeds side effects. Are they dangerous? Do Chia Seeds have side effects that will compromise my health? Are there any known prescription medication & Chia seeds side effects when they’re combined? The simple answer to all of these questions is… no. But, read on for some more in-depth answers

Heirloom Chia Seeds have a lot of amazing health benefits. While those health benefits are good for the majority of people, could the story be different for a small percentage of people?

To begin with, Heirloom Chia Seeds are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids (more than 9 times more than wild Alaskan Salmon). Omega-3s are wonderful to most people, but normally they lower our blood pressure naturally. The typical blood pressure of healthy adults is 120/80. If you have extremely low blood pressure (below 100/60), then you should avoid whole Heirloom Chia Seeds and/or Heirloom Chia Oil.

Heirloom Chia Seeds are packed with antioxidants (more than 2 times more than Acai or Blueberries). However, no scientific studies have ever shown that someone has suffered ill effects from an antioxidant overdose. All signs point to our modern diets being severely lacking in antioxidants so we have a long way to go to even approach sufficient quantities. Basically, there’s nothing to worry about here.

Heirloom Chia Seeds have a limited supply of protein… more than Soy, but less than a PowerBar. There is no risk of eating too much protein from Heirloom Chia Seeds, so again we have nothing to worry about here.

Taken in the recommended dosage (2-6 tablespoons per day), Heirloom Chia Seeds can contribute from 25%-100% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber. Diets high in fiber have shown to lower bad cholesterol. Only by eating an unusually large amount (think pounds per day) of fiber rich foods such as Heirloom Chia Seeds could we consume too much fiber. By eating too much fiber we may suffer from bloating, large stools and possibly constipation. However, by drinking enough water (especially in hot weather) and by eating the recommended amount of fiber in our lives our stools should be soft and ensure regularity.

Overall, Heirloom Chia Seeds do not have any negative side-effects that are unique. Only by eating a huge quantity (multiple pounds per day) would we approach a situation that could be considered extreme.  It’s free of any artificial chemicals, it’s been approved by the FDA for consumption by humans, and it’s helped millions of people to lower their blood pressure, control their glucose levels, maintain regularity, and fight against cancer-causing free radicals. Most doctors would call those “side-effects” the kind that we all need more of.