Dr Oz loves Chia Seeds, and the most recent reason he gives is because of Chia Seeds mean weight loss.

Everybody knows that there’s too much useless “advice” on what to eat to lose weight.

That’s why we need to listen to those we really trust.

One of the most trusted people in America is Dr Oz. He was Oprah Winfrey’s most frequent health advisor and guest.

Recently on the Dr Oz show, Dr Oz gave some great info on Chia Seeds. Dr Oz said that Chia Seeds are excellent for people over 50 to help them curb their appetite and lose weight.

Dr Oz Says, “Chia Seeds are very effective at weight reduction, and here’s why they work. After age 50, your metabolism starts to slow and when that happens you have to be smart about the food you are putting in your body.”

“When you get fiber in your food, it is an incredibly important resource for you because it makes you feel full.”

“So without trying, you can naturally begin to let those pounds slip off”

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There you have it. We all need to eat Chia Seeds Dr Oz knows best.