Some foods have to be boiled, skinned, ground, sliced, cooked, etc. before you can even begin to eat them wasting your already limited time and money. One of the overlooked things about eating Chia is that you don’t need to do anything to the seeds before you put them into our bodies.

That’s right, there are no waste products with Chia at all. So, 100% of the goodness that you buy, you get the benefit of. Compare that to some fruits or vegetables like asparagus, artichoke, or coffee (yes it comes from a fruit) where only 5% of what you spend your money on gets put to use.

In this time of tighter-and-tighter household budgets and more-and-more health problems, Chia is riding to our rescue. Not only do you get something that is extremely good for you, but it’s easy to eat and it’s inexpensive as well.

And, I’m going to tell you a secret… you can find the best Chia in the world right here. All you need to do is click over to the “Products” section to get your very own monthly subscription. It’s great for you, it doesn’t need to be cooked or prepared before eating, and oh yeah, a month’s supply will cost you less than the price of a lollipop a day.