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What is a “Whole Food”?

We hear people saying “eat whole foods” more than ever, and no they’re not just talking about visiting an overpriced supermarket. A whole food is one that has not been processed, refined or had any additional ingredients added to it. … Continue reading

The Most Convenient Superfood Ever!

For years, we have been told to “Take our vitamins” and “eat our veggies” but still today, parents struggle with kids getting enough healthy foods, and we as adults often don’t take the time to eat as healthily as we … Continue reading

Chia = 100% Goodness

Some foods have to be boiled, skinned, ground, sliced, cooked, etc. before you can even begin to eat them wasting your already limited time and money. One of the overlooked things about eating Chia is that you don’t need to … Continue reading

Don’t be a Caveman

(Unless you want to live longer, that is…) Ok, so when you are thinking about living well, I doubt that you conjure up images of primitive cultures. I mean, after all, they didn’t have TV, cell phones, or the internet…who … Continue reading

Please Pardon Our Dust…

We’ve been working on ChiaClub for quite a while (it feels like years). It’s taken a lot more effort and patience than I had ever imagined, but we’re just about ready to open the doors and invite you inside. I … Continue reading


Can you believe that you can be doing something healthy for your body by eating pizza? Yep, it’s true, if you add Heirloom Chia to your pizza in the crust or as a topping, you can be feeding your body … Continue reading