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Chia Seeds Dr. Oz

Dr Oz loves Chia Seeds, and the most recent reason he gives is because of Chia Seeds mean weight loss. Everybody knows that there’s too much useless “advice” on what to eat to lose weight. That’s why we need to … Continue reading

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Heirloom Chia Seeds are power-packed with Mother Nature’s original weight loss secret… High Fiber. In fact, Heirloom Chia Seeds have more than 2 times more fiber than bran flakes and Oatmeal. High fiber food is not talked about much but … Continue reading

Chia Seeds Benefits

Let’s face it… you don’t care about another product, you only care about how it’s going to make your life better. I get it. If you’re tired of the diet of the week and scam health foods, I have something … Continue reading

Chia Seeds Side Effects

We all know that whenever something sounds too good to be true, it normally is. A few people have asked questions about Chia Seeds side effects. Are they dangerous? Do Chia Seeds have side effects that will compromise my health? … Continue reading

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Let’s face it, most of our health problems are self-inflicted because we eat the wrong foods. So, it’s time for us to stop eating the stuff that is killing us. According to new research from the Harvard School of Public … Continue reading

Are We Really That Different?

Regardless of where we come from, the color of our skin, or the language that we speak, we all want to live happy, healthy, fulfilled lives filled with love. We live in a world of strangers, but deep down we’re … Continue reading